Safety Management System

WYC  employs a Safety Management System that is designed to successfully deliver the following objectives. As with any Safety System, delivering a  safe environment for our activities is a club-wide responsibility. WYC encourages all members and event participants to actively engage in delivering our safety goals and improving on our hazard identification and mitigation procedures.

Our Safety System is designed to be a living document that is continuously reviewed and updated. 

All observations and suggestions are welcome. Please contact your commodore Jeff Mercer or Safety Officer, Craig Fahey with any comments or suggestions on improving the Club Safety Management Systems.


Prevent injury

  1. Implement and continually improve SMS
  2. Communicate SMS requirements
  3. Competent people in safety-critical roles
  4. Fit for purpose equipment
  5. Correct decision-making on event days – ‘go/don’t go’

Embed safety into club decisions, processes and activities

  1. Safety always on meeting agendas
  2. Safety briefings carried out before events
  3. Constantly review safety policies and procedures for relevance and accuracy and effectiveness

Ensure all incidents are reported and recorded in accordance with Incident process

  1. Simplify processes
  2. Make forms available from control tower
  3. Inform members of reporting process

Ensure all significant risks are reported and recorded

  1. Simplify processes
  2. Inform members of reporting process
  3. Active committee members

Compliance with legislative and other requirements

  1. Identify relevant legislation and other requirements
  2. Communicate requirements to relevant people
  3. Monitor compliance internally

Increase volunteer participation in safety-critical roles

  1. Simple registration process
  2. Scaffolded progression
  3. Provide warm, comfortable gear