Adult Learn-To-Sail (LTS)

Always wanted to give sailing a crack?  Now is a great time to learn at WYC. Our full time coach this year (summer 2024) is Angus. Aided by volunteer assistant coaches, they will guide you through all the basics and get you up to speed as quickly as humanly possible. We also offer a woman-only LTS course with coach Verity Lawrence.

How much sailing do you need to be competent? How long is a piece of string!  It depends on many factors, mainly you and the weather!  However, from a curriculum point of view, one “two day” course will get you through “LTS1” and a second two day course through “LTS 2” which is generally considered to be the minimum foundational requirements to go off dinghy sailing “on your own”. Should you wish to race, or sail locally on your own within sensible weather limits, this is your starting point.  There is no one “moment” that anyone becomes truly competent as it’s a continuum in which we are all still learning!

Our remaining course dates for 2024 at the time of publishing are:

For level 1 “LTS1”

  • Saturday 13 January 10-5 and Sunday 14 January 10-5  $280  book here
  • Saturday 24 February and Sunday 25 February Woman only Course with coach Verity Lawrence book here

For level 2 “LTS 2”

  • Saturday 20 January 10-5 and Sunday 21 January 10-5 $280  book here
  • Saturday 17 February 10-5 and Sunday 18 February 10-5 $280  book here

We also offer a 4 day “zero to hero” course which is back-to-back “LTS 1&2”

You can also book Angus for private lessons for $50ph, or create bespoke new course dates that suit both parties. 

What pathways can you follow after doing the courses? Your options are as follows:

  1. do more courses, or book a private lesson with Angus, or
  2. buy your own boat, sail whenever you like, join the yacht club and race on the iconic Thursday night races for 7 months per year!
  3. Sail in our inclusive Sunday “teams sailing” environment for which you don’t need your own boat! You will simply need to be a WYC member and pay (currently) $140 per spring or summer season to join the Sunday races.  You will be in “420’s”.  We run heaps of small races and laugh a lot. This is where youth and adults mix!  Pairs are picked on the day, or you can turn up and stay with your preferred partner. 
  4. If you can show Angus or I you are competent, once you have graduated “LTS2” you may hire any available Wanaka yacht club centerboard boat (dinghy) for the summer season and use it during Thursday night and / or Sunday afternoon races, or any other occasions when the club’s safety support boats are in attendance.  We have group chats that announce additional $free random sessions. This is a brand new initiative designed to offer you continuity and fun.  Those that do a season of Sundays get really competent!

Finally, what should I bring to the courses? Warm clothes, ideally a wetsuit (long or short, not compulsory in the middle of summer, but advised), packed lunch, towel, hat, sunblock and a sense of fun.